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Cuneyt Arkin

Cuneyt Arkin (born Fahrettin Cureklibatur on 7 September 1937 at Gokceoglu village of Alpu district in Eskisehir, Turkey), is a Turkish film actor, director and producer. He is originally of Crimean-Tatar origin. He is not only a doctor in medicine, but also a renowned martial artist in over seven different forms. Having starred in approximately 248 movies and TV series, he is generally considered one of the most prominent Turkish actors of all time. His films have sometimes been exported, featuring him as George Arkin.

His most notable movies are historical dramas, taking place during the first centuries of the Ottoman Empire or slightly before the Ottoman Empire, during the age of the Anatolian Seljuks. A good example of these films is Malkocoglu Cem Sultan. While gaining success with such action based films, he also took part in political films in the late 1970s, the most famous of these being The Adam Trilogy directed by Remzi Aydin Jonturk.

Although it is one of the poorest quality films that feature him, he is famous abroad for the movie Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves The World - also known as Turkish Star Wars), an extremely low-budget science fiction tentatively famous for including bootlegged scenes from Star Wars. On set, Arkin was well known to have performed many incredible feats of his martial arts combat skills. In an unfortunate incident, an extra was harmed when he got into an argument with him, over the authenticity of his matial arts abilities. The two sparred but the fight ended quickly when Arkin kicked him hard in the kneecap of his left leg (though some maintain it was his right), instantly causing the leg to buckle in the opposite direction. Arkin felt very bad over this and later visited the man in hospital to apologise to him.


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